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Spec Script - The Boondocks by newmythcomics
Mature content
Spec Script - The Boondocks :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 1 1
Batman V3 Spotlight by newmythcomics Batman V3 Spotlight :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 0 Batman V2 by newmythcomics Batman V2 :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 3 2 Batman V1 by newmythcomics Batman V1 :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 3 0 Black Clover #2 Page 05 by newmythcomics Black Clover #2 Page 05 :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 0 Black Clover #2 Page 04 by newmythcomics Black Clover #2 Page 04 :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 0 Black Clover #2 Page 03 by newmythcomics Black Clover #2 Page 03 :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 0 Black Clover #2 Page 02 by newmythcomics Black Clover #2 Page 02 :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 1 0 Black Clover #2 Page 01 by newmythcomics Black Clover #2 Page 01 :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 0 Black Clover#2 by newmythcomics Black Clover#2 :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 0 Conquest by newmythcomics Conquest :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 0 Huey by newmythcomics Huey :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 0 Red Tornado by newmythcomics Red Tornado :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 1 Salt and Ignite Issue 1 page 5 by newmythcomics Salt and Ignite Issue 1 page 5 :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 0 Salt and Ignite Issue 1 page 4 by newmythcomics Salt and Ignite Issue 1 page 4 :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 0 Salt and Ignite Issue 1 page 3 by newmythcomics Salt and Ignite Issue 1 page 3 :iconnewmythcomics:newmythcomics 0 0


Romantically Apocalyptic S01
Characters: Narrator (Voice), Captain, Sniper, Engineer, Pilot
Locations: City street, Subway gate with dusty Baseball, Apartment Living-Room with Table, Risk Set and Deceased Rodent
The opening image depicts a city square fallen into decay and ruin, ravaged by the tides of nuclear war. In the midst of the city square, a man stands with his back to the camera, draped in a grey trench coat and an officer's cap on his skull. As the narrator speaks, the camera slowly zooms in on the back of his head.
Narrator: In the midst of a ruined city, forgotten by time, stands a lone figure. His real name is known to none but him, and even he may not remember it... To the men under his command, he is known simply as 'The Captain'.
The Captain turns, revealing the custom designed respirator and goggles on his face, and looks just above and behind the camera.
Captain: How many times must I tell you, stop narrating my life!
Narrator: Slightly unhinged, t
:iconrythmear:Rythmear 90 171
New Kid- Comic script
Page 1
Panel 1: Drake plops himself into a desk in Biology class next to his two buddies, frustrated.  The three of them are your typical high school athletes, complete with matching letterman’s jackets.  Drake is of medium height and relatively muscular build, with spiky brown hair.  He wears a garrison belt, properly aligned to the seams of his jeans and button-up shirt (it’s a military thing he’s picked up from his dad).  Tom is a bulky, broad-shouldered bloke with a dopey grin always plastered on his face.  He has blonde hair and wears a sloppy shirt with a Confederate flag on it.  Francis “Frogboy” Reiley is a lanky kid with slouching posture and bowlegs.  His head is wide and his eyes are buggy, and altogether gives the impression of a frog.  The classroom is a typical science classroom, although there seems to be an abundance of safety posters plastered on the walls.
Drake: P
:iconchaoskomori:ChaosKomori 12 13
Steal or Fail comic script
Panel 1 A hand is shown tapping against a desk.
Panel 2  A foot taps unsteadily.
Panel 3 the body of character 1. * Justen* sitting at a desk with an impatient look upon his face:
Justen narrates: Day in and day out it’s the same damn thing.  It’s like sitting in hell.
Panel  4 a glimpse at the teacher who is reading a text book.
Panel 5 a view of whole class teacher:
Mrs. Wattz : As you all know, there will be a test in 2 days. This particular test is highly crucial for your futures.  So if you fail, this will be written on your permeate records.
And I expect the best scores from out of you all especially you….
Panel 6 a boy not expecting to be called * Manny * A boy who had been sleeping  * Kris* Justen’s annoyed face, a boy with glasses smirking * kyle* the teacher names them all in each individual panel.
Panel 7 close up of teacher shutting her book. scowl. glare.
Mrs. Wattz :If all of you fail, that mean’s
:iconnishi06:Nishi06 13 34
Superhawke issue 0 script
A hawk takes off
By Israel Reyes
This is a full splash page.
Panel 1:
Full, lateral three-shot of the Hawkins couple and Amanda's biological mother. The Hawkins are in the right while Amanda's mom is on the left. The panel's background is blue and we can only see the trio in black silhouettes. Both parties are looking at each other. Superhawke's mom is carrying baby Amanda in her arms.
Narrative: 20 years ago.
This page is composed of five panels. The first four are square and layered symmetrically as if there was no fifth. The fifth, however, is rhombus-shaped and goes in the center of the page. All panels have a blue background, and everyone is depicted as heavily-shadowed, their factions partially obscured.
Panel 1:
Medium full shot of Amanda's mom, but only up to her nose. The camera is looking right at her with a focus on baby Amanda. She has long hair, is carrying Amanda in her arms and is wearing her Hawke's uniform. In spite of the shadowing, the s
:icondangerman-1973:Dangerman-1973 15 6
comic script 1-7 1st draft
Pic 1.
Exterior: old british small town terraced house. Patches in walls boarded up. Badly repaired. People outside walking past looking suitable medival, perhaps carrying bits of scrap.
"The Oldens had a saying, pride goeth before a fall"
And they had indeed grown proud
Pic 2.
Interior: MIKUL, an elderly man is leant on a cane. In front of him on simply benches are a mix of VILLAGE CHILDREN aged 4 to 16ish. MIKUL Isn't necessarily looking at them, quite caught up in telling the story
With their technologies they spanned the globe and touched the stars.
Pic. 3.
MIKUL from behind, KATIE, boyish, one of the older children, is watching. She should be centre focus. She's listening, rather bored.
And brought destruction and ruin to the earth around them.
Pic 4.
Focus on her, possibly her eyes. City landscapes/reflected in her eyes.
And poisoned the lands of the Lady
PIC 1.
KATIE is in a city. Looking about. Not too surprised or scared. Clear
:iconkingclumsy:kingclumsy 2 4
Clay Dolls Script - Sneak Peek
It is close to midnight in a small quiet village. Rain is pouring heavily. A weary TRAVELER strolls around, looking for a place to stay out of the rain. The traveler hears whimper nearby. He follows the noise into an alley and stumbles upon a small CHILD, face hidden and crouching in a state of fear.
TRAVELER: Hey. Are you alright kid?
The traveler approaches the child steadily but senses something behind him. He turns around; a FIGURE whose large appearance overshadows him. His screams of terror echo into the night.
The next morning, the heavy rain has passed. The ground is drenched with mud. The town's sheriff WICKMAN stomps across the wet ground on the lookout. He finds the ELECTRICIAN on a ladder fixing an electrical pole.
WICKMAN: Aren't you working a bit overtime?
The electrician looks down to see Wickman.
ELECTRICIAN: Oh, hey sheriff.
WICKMAN: You should be headin' home.
ELECTRICIAN: I'll be there in a sec; the storm trashed all the wiring. Got
:iconanimyx:animyx 3 2
Star Superion Comic Script by skywarp-2 Star Superion Comic Script :iconskywarp-2:skywarp-2 54 70 Lady Gloves - Film noir comic by ming85 Lady Gloves - Film noir comic :iconming85:ming85 215 47
NIGHT WOLF #1 (Comic Book Script)
NIGHT WOLF #1 (Script Only)
24 Pages
By Robert A. Multari & Lone Wolf Comics ( © 2007 - 2015
Page 1
PANEL 1: This is a long shot of Rod standing on the edge of a cliff at the opening of a dark forest.  In the background is a canopy of trees and a mountain with a castle on it.  The scene is dark, but being lit by a flash of lightning.  Rod looks confused.
PANEL 2: This is a close-up of Rod’s confused face.
ROD – Where the hell am I?
PANEL 3: Medium shot of Rod reacting to Jen’s scream.
PANEL 4: This is a shot looking over Rod’s s
:iconram-horn:RAM-Horn 75 52
The last summer butterfly by akreon The last summer butterfly :iconakreon:akreon 2,171 120 Skoll by akreon Skoll :iconakreon:akreon 5,818 195 Anonymous by FabianMonk Anonymous :iconfabianmonk:FabianMonk 560 138 FickiFickiPanamaCity01 by FabianMonk
Mature content
FickiFickiPanamaCity01 :iconfabianmonk:FabianMonk 389 23
Sketch04 by FabianMonk Sketch04 :iconfabianmonk:FabianMonk 194 7 Power Up by FabianMonk Power Up :iconfabianmonk:FabianMonk 372 28 Alien by FabianMonk Alien :iconfabianmonk:FabianMonk 426 46



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RJ Woods
United States
Favourite genre of music: NeoSoul, R&B
Favourite cartoon character: Kakashi
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